Dowry System Essay

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Often girls are driven to suicidal lengths because of the tension created by such a situation.

Another technique adopted by the boys family is not to make unreasonable demands before the wedding, but harass the girl after the wedding to induce her to request her parents to give the gifts they ask for.

It would be easy for her to refuse greedy young men.

It would in other words, give her the supreme confidence to rend for herself.

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Jalti Bahuch Karen Pukar, Band Karo Yeh Atyachar giving dowry to girls in marriage an ancient Indian tradition. Evil of Dowry discussed (i) Boys parent demand money, gifts on the eve of the wedding. (v) Sometimes unmarried girls commit suicide when they see parents worried. Legal Efforts : (i) Mobilize public opinion against it. (iii) Girls should be professionally educated, so that they can stand on their own feet.

Dowry System : Lesson - 4 Dowry system in prevalent in almost all section of Indian society.

Dowry is what parents give to their daughter at the time of marriage.

Even worse is the situation where the in-laws join hands to burn the bride to death, so that the son can be remarried to someone who will get them more dowry.

This is the lowest level of greediness, degradation and inhumanity to which a human being can sink, and it is indeed a very sad comment on the Indian Character, that there are innumerable examples of this happening.


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