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She cries the whole time she’s away from her mom, which is the whole time she’s here in the drafty, brown apartment I share with my boyfriend.

She has lovely, thick eyelashes coated in tears and, I wonder, sometimes, when I look at her face for a long, long time, if I will ever be able to love her in the way I’m supposed to. Jacques Cousteau: And Jacques Cousteau would have hooked his full, dumb, bleating heart to the end of a fishing line, taken it to the furthest reaches of the abyss and caught a shark.

Some of the remaining people left for South America, and the island was left 110 people.

The population grew throughout the years in 1955 it was 990, in 1980 it was 1,842 and in 1989 it was 2,095.

This hypothesis has dominated the Easter island narrative for decades since its formulation based on pollen analysis of lake sediments, which showed an abrupt change from palm to grass pollen, interpreted as the abrupt replacement of palm-dominated forests by grass meadows similar to those that cover the island today (Flenley and King, 1984; Flenley et al., 1991). The position of the island in the Pacific Ocean is indicated by a red star.

(B) Permanent freshwater lakes and mires from Easter Island (Photos: V. Paleoecological reconstructions (notably palynological analyses to examine vegetation and landscape dynamics and charcoal analyses to document fire history) have been instrumental in the study of ecological and cultural change on Easter Island (Rull et al., 2010).

Under the CLAFS scenario, this migration would have occurred by ~1,600 CE. Terrestrial, Algal and Siliceous Indicators, eds J.

Findings to the contrary would require modification and refinement, or outright rejection, of the CLAFS hypothesis and the consideration of alternate hypotheses compatible with new paleoecological evidence.

Most paleoecological records have been obtained using sediment cores from the three natural freshwater bodies of the island: a mire (Aroi) and two lakes (Kao and Raraku), all of which are located inside volcanic craters; a combination that is locally called “rano” (Herrera and Custodio, 2008) (Figure 1).

The sedimentary sequences underlying these water bodies have provided long records extending back to the last glaciation (Flenley and King, 1984; Flenley et al., 1991; Sáez et al., 2009; Margalef et al., 2013). Variation in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) land use indicates production and population peaks prior to European contact.


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