Editing A Thesis Statement

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High school students can take advantage of our admission essay editing; admission essays are especially difficult to write.

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Green Essay has a full staff of professional editors and proofreaders who can revise and polish your piece, providing the perfection you want.

This structure proved incredibly useful when I aced my college writing class, but I also realized over time that I was subconsciously using the basic fundamentals of essay organization in my videos – specifically non-fiction ones.

Some of this came through in the initial planning stages, but a lot of the time I was handed several reels worth of interviews in the editing phase with no clear plan besides “this is what they want the video for.” The basic essay structure was incredibly useful in taking all of that content and forming it into a coherent piece that was easily followed by the audience.

The idea behind the hourglass shape is to start broad: general background on your topic to introduce it to your audience.

As the intro goes along, you quickly get more specific, ending with your thesis statement/main idea, which sets the tone for the main body of your content.


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