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The Panic of 1891 made tension between the sections, and growing sectionalism repeatedly influenced the politics of the 1820s.Differences between different sections of the country were broadening by a financial panic which swept across the country in 1819.

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Monroe supported a standing Army, strong Navy, fortifications, and support for manufacturing.

It was said at the time that the Republicans have out federalized federalism.

The basic for the phrase is that the United States, following the War of 1812, began a period of rule by one party, the Democratic Republicans of Monroe.

The Era of Good Feelings was a period that reflected a sense of National Purpose and a desire for unity after the War.

Monroe, who succeeded his fellow Virginian James Madison as president, was President Thomas Jefferson Jeffersons law student, of whom Jefferson remarked, if you turned Monroes soul inside out, it would be found spotless.

He was the last president to dress in the old colonial style.His term in office became known as the Era of Good Feeling, in because of the political cooperation stemming from one party politics and because of Americas morale after the War of 1812.Monroe was not considered a president with outstanding intellect, nor was he considered a strong leader, but he was known to be extremely dedicated, level headed, and sincere.Although the surface of public affairs appeared calm, significant troubles were roiling not far below the surface.Substantial population growth, improved transportation within the various sections, and attacks on the institution of slavery contributed to a growing sense of regionalism in the new nation.The End of the Era of Good Feelings Kennedy Thibodeaux Mr.Prather APUSH History 11/8/2014 Kennedy Thibodeaux Alan Prather AP US History 8 November 2014 The End of the Era of Good Feelings The Era of Good Feelings was a time in America history that started right after the War of 1812, when the Americans beat Britain.The 1820 election also was the end of the Federalist Party, which had lost support due to the War of 1812, and began a period where the Democratic-Republican Party which was first established by Jefferson, governed on the National level.Although the Federalist Party had disappeared by 1820, some of their nationalist ideas persisted.A recent biographer of James Monroe calls him the “first national security president.” Well known for his "Monroe Doctrine," crafted largely by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, President Monroe also oversaw the securing of treaties that stabilized America's borders at a time when this disposition of territory in North America was still unsettled.James Monroe was also the last president of the “Virginia Dynasty” and the last candidate to run for president unopposed. (The other went to John Quincy Adams, for reasons more or less unknown.) At the time of Monroe's accession to the presidency, the world had changed dramatically because of the American and French Revolutions.


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