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Within a group there is a wealth of tacit and experiential knowledge from the outset as in the course of most people's lives they will have interacted with other people in group situations.

Bryman (2001) refers to the focused interview as the precept for focus group research, ' The original idea for the focus group- the focused interview- was that people who were known to have a certain experience could be interviewed in a relatively unstructured way Finally, I will endeavour to consider the use of focus groups as a feminist research tool and as a means to research minority groups. Traditional literature on focus groups suggests that there is a rigid set of rules that should be followed in their use.

All should understand the significance of studying in a group and our state education system should modify our curriculum by adding group discussions, seminars, panel discussions etc even from the primary school level itself.

Benefits of Focus Group Research Introduction: Focus group research offers the unique opportunity for researchers to perceive an individual, and their opinions, not only in an exclusive situation, but also as part of a group.

This essay examines the advantages of individual study and group study.

On the one hand, personal learning helps the individual to study at their own convenience and as a result, they can learn in the most comfortable environment.Greenbaum (1998) and Krueger (1994) uphold the view that focus groups cannot function efficiently if these 'rules' are broken.They believe that the researcher should avoid complex issues and sensitive data.Secondly, when we study in a group it is easy to find solutions for our problems.This is because we can clear our doubts with others those who are more intelligent at that time itself. Also, we can identify our weakness and with the help of our friends we can boost our weakness. Another important benefit of studying in a group is that it can improve our memory.In their view, it is also important that participants shouldn't know each other and that natural settings are rarely used.However, I shall also be examining the research of Cohen and Garett (1999), which demonstrates the effectiveness of focus groups even when these 'regulations' are not rigidly upheld.Because you have an obligation to attend the study group meeting, you’ll be sure to be there on time, engage with the other students and work to better understand the material.This can be a much better solution than studying in your room alone, which makes it ever so tempting to turn on Netflix or scroll through Facebook. Gain a New Perspective on the Material When you work alongside your fellow classmates, you can entertain new ideas and gain a fresh perspective on the material.The ability to collaborate, hear new ideas and work together are some of the skills that Del Val wants our students to gain outside the classroom.Study groups help to turn students into more professional individuals.


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