Essay About Nursing Shortage

Buchan & Aiken, (2008) defined nursing shortage as the unwilling to work in specific conditions rather than the shortage of people having nursing qualifications.

The aim of this paper is to discuss generally the global nursing shortage and particularly the nursing shortage in UAE.Other issues include the cost of living, the need to learn new language, and adapting a new clinical environment (Chandra and Willis, 2005; Kingma, 2006).Socially, there are some other barriers to migration; leaving families to stabilize person’s condition, facing new culture and environment, and racism which may lead to discrimination (Chandra and Willis, 2005).Nurses play an important role in health care systems as they are considered the front line of any health care system.The crisis of nursing shortage is highly increasing worldwide.Nursing shortage can be noted when there is an imbalance between nursing skills and the actual number of nurses (Buchan & Aiken, 2008).On the other hand, not all available nurses are willing to work in their field due to payment and benefits issues which make them to choose non-nursing employment or no employment.However, Emirati women are not very involved in all fields like nursing.The dependency on expatriate nurses in UAE is very considerable as the percentage of Emirati national nurses is only 3% (FDON 2003).Promotions are also considered another way of decreasing turnover rate as staff will remain in hospitals to achieve and reach better positions.Moreover, staff self-scheduling is a good way of decreasing turnover rate as some staff don’t like to work weekends, nights, or overtime (Stordeur & Hoore, 2006).


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