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However, the organization of the information is what differs, and the organization is INFINITELY harder in subject-by-suject comparisons.

Because it is easier for all of us, I prefer you do a point-by-point comparison.

As usual, choose a topic you know a great deal about and can discuss at length. Could you compare two cars to offer which is a better buy/safer/faster?

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of three of the following places where marketers would place advertisements for cars.

Television is perhaps the most effective medium for advertising cars.

The best thing about a television commercial is that it allows advertisers to highlight the most impressive features of their cars.

One way to understand a mode is as a pattern of development. but I wander and digress.) Compare/contrast essays really hit peak five-paragraph-essayness because they lack situation, audience, purpose, and meaning.

For example, there are writing tasks that call for you to compare stuff, but you rarely do it just for the sake of the comparison: there has to be a purpose to the comparison. There is no good reason to “compare you and your best friend,” and even less reason for a teacher to read 20 such papers.

Conclusion of essay, highlighting the similarities and differences of the two subjects and giving overall recommendations for the audience.

If you notice, the information is basically the same in each essay.


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