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At the same time, the listener does not listen and remain silent, but is expected to respond.

Murphy (1991) suggests that speaking, listening, and pronunciation must proceed in an integrated fashion.

According to Murphy (1991), oral communication skills include speaking and listening as well as pronunciation.

While the main focus is on speaking and listening, pronunciation is presented as a subset of both speaking and listening development.

It could be more information than the listener needs.

It should be noted that oral communication is different from written communication.

This research considers both speaking and listening ability together.

However, these areas are addressed here separately in order to emphasize some fundamental differences.

In this study, listening ability refers to the ability to process realistic spoken language, automatically and in real time; and to understand the linguistic information and to make inferences clearly implicated by the content of the passage (Buck, 2001).

Speaking ability refers to the ability to use the proper words in the right order with the correct pronunciation; to know when clarity of message is essential and to understand how to take into account who is speaking to whom, in what circumstances, about what, and for what reason (The National Capital Language Resource Center, 2010).


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