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Following the Berlin Conference of 1885 Rwanda came under the suzerainty of Germany which was, itself, replaced as colonial overlord following WW1, by Belgium.

Rwanda’s feudal order remained intact, however, until 1956 when the Belgians finally organized elections.

In fact, the Rwandan Army (FAR) continued as a multi-ethnic organization even as it was forced to retreat into the forests of the Congo in July of 1994; this after having run out of ammunition due to a Western embargo on arms supplies – an embargo not applied to the RPF.

Up until 1990 there was no further interference in Rwanda from Uganda.

That accord required Tutsi representatives to travel to Kigali to determine both the logistics of that population movement and their subsequent accommodation within Rwanda.

The delegation was expected at the end of September, 1990. The attack killed tens of thousands of Rwandan civilians.In addition, the US had turned against Mobutu (of Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) as he was beginning to ally himself politically with China.The Rwandan president, Habyarimana, was subsequently approached by Washington to allow his country to be used as a staging ground for an attack on Zaire (to this day, a cornucopia of precious resources prized by the West).Nevertheless, by then the Tutsis exiles living there had become one of the main elements of the Ugandan Army.As such, when Museveni came to power – having been handpicked by the US and Britain to oust the socialist, Milton Obote – a third or more of his army consisted of Tutsis.His refusal caused the US to look to other agents in furthering its strategic interests.They found the Tutsis in Uganda, ever thirsting for restoration of their hegemony in Rwanda.These crimes, though well documented, have never been accounted for, nor did the UN or ‘international community’ ever seek to account for them.Indeed, there was not even a shred of condemnation of the Ugandan/RPF invasion, this despite the clamour raised only two months earlier with regard to the advance of Iraqi forces into Kuwait.Then, in November 1959, the Hutu majority overthrew the Tutsi monarchy.Many Tutsis fled, the majority ending up, significantly, in Uganda.


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