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Thanks to Ohio’s unpredictable temperament, rain, snow flurries, and heat waves can occur within one practice.If I learned anything from practicing under these unpleasant conditions, it is that no matter how gruesome the weather or how arduous the workout, these obstacles can be overcome.

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The four years that I spent on the track were pivotal in the creation of the person that I wanted to be and have become.

My ability to persevere through tough workouts revealed a strength that I was unaware I possessed: determination.

“Celebrating achievement” is also not unethical” either, “but it can drive some competitors to unethical behavior” (Introduction: It’s not the, 2010).

In current sport industry, there are many forms of unethical behavior starting from players and referees all the way to the media and fans.

As the competition season progressed, I became more aware and proud of what my body was capable of accomplishing.

This realization was accompanied by a budding confidence, and for the first time in my adolescent life I felt significant.

They do not only represent themselves as individual, but many times, they are the icons of certain brands.

These brands create multi-million contracts with athletes in order to connect their brand with excellent performance of the athletes.

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