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Additionally, you will gain the ability to maintain a healthy psyche and emotional stability. Worried about: Whom can I pay to write my essay for money?

Before we begin looking for answers in coping with stress, let’s admit that students often choose unwise strategies for overcoming emotional and physiological tension, such as turning to tobacco and alcohol use, consuming large amounts of junk food, and becoming lethargic rather than participating in physical exercise.

However, the most helpful and effective ways to deal with stress include strategies that are just the opposite!

Waiting for a bus, train or a plane for long hours can become a cause of stress.

As school exams approach, both parents and children start developing anticipatory stress.

The classification suggested by them is as follows: (a) Organic Stressors Nutritional factors, genetic factors (metabolic, allergies, etc.), physical fitness and level of resistance, etc.

(b) Personal Stressors Marriage, new job, transfer, change of occupations, retirement, etc.

An airconditioned chamber does not ensure peace to the executive seated in it; he is found constantly strained and stressed by a host of organizational problems.

An eminent behavioral scientist Hans Selye in his book The Stress of Life defines stress as a 'non-specific response of the body' to any demand made upon it. It is estimated that 75% to 90% of visits to doctors are stress-related.

A small skirmish between husband and wife makes both of them jittery, which when oft-repeated, result in divorce.

For parents, their children's disobedience and their falling prey to bad habits like drug addiction, alcoholism and other vices are major causes of stress.


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