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The influences of the present healthcare environment and societal developments as they relate to nursing ethics will be addressed, and some of the main ethical legal issues that have impacted recent practice will be identified and examined. Ethics comes from the ancient Greek word meaning character or customs. Within each society, particular customs and norms develop.

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The laws of the land are still paramount and even those decisions based on a professional ethical code may not be defendable in court.

Nurses are encouraged to "Chart for the Lawyer, not the Doctor".

Every week on medical and legal television shows, such as "ER" and "Law and Order," characters are faced with ethical dilemmas and decisions.

In reality, nurses are confronted with an increasing number of ethical decisions within their practice everyday.

A recent Gallop Poll ranked nurses above medical doctors, teachers, and even clergy when asked which profession was regarded as "the most honest and ethical" ( The aim of nursing ethics should be the examination of ethical issues specific to nursing.

This incorporates the protection of patient rights and the deontological principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmalfience, justice and confidentiality, and offers practical guidance on decision-making in the practice setting, regardless of individual ideologies.

This author agrees with Reich (1978) that the aim of bioethics is the guidance of moral decision-making and discussion in medical science research and study. Nursing ethics, physician ethics and medical ethics.

Bioethics holds to the philosophy that human life must be preserved at any cost, with "the medical ideology that prolonged life of any quality is a prime value (Barnum, 1998).

The new technologies and procedures can be very expensive to implement but may be required to lure new patients and medical staff.

Resource allocation and distribution along with rationing health care reflects a business, rather than patient care, focus.


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