Essay On Educational Packages For Rural Population

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Population expansion is a problem only when the rate of population expansion is exceeding the rate of expansion in resources.

The rate of progress decreases with population expansion and the national resources go waste. In most of the Middle and Eastern countries the men work and women remain in houses.

If we 33-12=2.7 It means 2.7% population of Pakistan is increasing in one year.

The population increase depends upon three factors: I It is the movement of people from one place. If the birth rate is higher than the death rate, the natural increase will be the same difference of numbers in that population.

The Office of Rural Health Policy— Several grant programs, including Rural Health Network Planning, Telehealth Network Grant and Rural Access to Emergency Devices. The Wisconsin Primary Care and Psychiatry Shortage Grant provides financial assistance awards to primary care physicians and psychiatrists who agree to practice in underserved areas of Wisconsin.

Up to twelve primary care physicians and up to twelve psychiatrists will be awarded each fiscal year. The Wisconsin Rural Physician Residency Assistance Program provides funds to expand and enhance graduate medical education training sites in rural Wisconsin, thus providing access to quality healthcare in rural communities.

If you are grant-seeking, you may find our list of Funding Sources helpful.

The Foundation Center’s Philanthropy News Digest provides a list of grant opportunities.

Population expansion is a social problem of the whole world.

World population is expanding at the rate of about 2.6% annually The Western advanced countries are expanding with the rate of 1% or less.


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