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I see the true hero in the end, who remained invisible with Frodo and Sam both throughout their journey. Whenever I despair, I think of the Hobbits, and Tolkien’s world, and find comfort in, as Tolkien puts it, “the underlying reality.” Although I’d find great pleasure in studying Tolkien, and learning of him that I may learn to be a better rookie writer, he tells (warns rather) writers to learn more from stories themselves than the analysis of the stories.I see Providence in the destruction of the ring (one of the best climaxes, if not the best climax ever! This could also be phrased as, “you learn better by doing than talking,” or “experiencing rather than reading about it.” I love the way Tolkien writes; how exquisite the language he uses. I can’t wait to meet him in the “secondary world” of Middle Earth when it becomes “Primary.” I plan to read this essay again, many times over.

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Contained within is an introduction to Tolkien's original 1939 lecture and the history of J. Contained within is an introduction to Tolkien's original 1939 lecture and the history of the writing of On Fairy-stories, with previously unseen material.

I know, I should have been able to enjoy his essay purely on the merits of his writing, but I wasn't prepared to put the work in to do so. That is why Chesterton calls the gospel "The Truest Fairy Tale" and why Tolkien writes, "The Gospels contain a fairy-story, or a story of a larger kind which embraces all the essence of fairy stories.

They contain many marvels - peculiarly artistic, beautiful and moving; 'mythical' in their perfect self-contained significance; and among the marvels is the g Essentially, Lewis, Tolkien and Chesterton viewed fairy stories not as "untrue," but as stories within which the greatest truths are hidden.

I particularly liked his evocation and description of 'eucatastrophe'.

But the “consolation” of fairy-tales has another aspect than the imaginative satisfaction of ancient desires.


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