Essay On Water Crisis In Rajasthan

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The total replenishes able, ground water resources in the country have been estimated at 45.22 Today there are thousands of villages and towns acing an acute drinking water-shortage.

Even in cities item huge water-supply plants there is not sufficient water and their supply is often limited to a very short period of the day…

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According to a UN report two-thirds of mankind will suffer moderate to severe water crisis within next 30 years if remedial steps are not taken.

World Bank report estimates 5 million deaths from unsafe drinking water and investments to the tune of $ 600 billion worldwide to repair and improve water delivery system.With the rapidly increasing pressure of population on our water resources, more and more villages, towns and cities are facing the problem.The then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had to launch a dirking water mission and programmed in 1986 to meet the drinking water requirements.A team of scientists and researchers of Centre for Sconce and Environment, New Delhi ha shade detailed study of the problem, its dimensions and solution.They have emphasized the need to traditional wisdom of water harvesting.Ocean water is salt water, which makes up 97.5% of all water on the planet. Drinking water is sourced from bodies of freshwater.Freshwater is quite scarce, but it is even scarcer than one might think: about seventy percent of all freshwater is frozen in the icecaps of Antarctica and Greenland and is unavailable to humans.Water is an essential ingredient of all kind of life.Earth is a unique living planet because eat has water.The water saving program implemented by the city of Zaragoza in Spain highlights some basic actions required for such a program to succeed.Firstly, “rather than being a collection of fragmented, individual initiatives, the setting up of the Zaragoza Water Commission allowed the effective coordination of consultation, implementation and evaluation of different activities, with the aim of achieving a common goal.” (Water demand management, 2010) Secondly, the goal of reducing water use by all types of consumers requires the cooperation of a wide range of stakeholders.


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