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If you wanted to go further in depth with your understanding, you could paraphrase the poem, which basically means rewriting every line in your own words rather than condensing the information.Once you understand what the poem is trying to say, you need to come up with a theme. In “Desert Places,” Frost talks a lot about loneliness, and since the narrator in the poem is alone, I can say that loneliness and isolation are main ideas or themes in the poem.

Essay Poem Analysis

A poem analysis is much like any other literary analysis, but it caters more specifically to poems.Think about it this way: your head wouldn’t do you much good without all the organs and systems that comprise your body.(Didn’t think you were going to get an anatomy lesson in a poetry post, did you?For a longer poetry analysis (3-5 pages), you might want to choose two or three literary devices that explicate your theme.When you write your thesis, you might find this template helpful: Here, it is important that you are specific.I’m going to use “Desert Places” by Robert Frost to help you understand what I mean.(And, no, I will not use “The Road Not Taken”! ) Here’s “Desert Places” in case you aren’t familiar with it: Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast In a field I looked into going past, And the ground almost covered smooth in snow, But a few weeds and stubble showing last. And lonely as it is, that loneliness Will be more lonely ere it will be less – A blanker whiteness of benighted snow WIth no expression, nothing to express.They cannot scare me with their empty spaces Between stars – on stars where no human race is.Make sure that you can relate them back to the theme you chose.If I were to write a poetic analysis of “Desert Places” specifically on the topic of loneliness and isolation, I would choose rhyme as one of my literary devices.Here are some examples of literary devices you could be looking for: There are many more literary devices to choose from; see a longer list here.I would suggest choosing one or two devices for most essays.


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