Essay Questions For The Great Gatsby

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Do some practice under timed conditions, replicating the situation in the examination room.

If you are allowed to use a laptop, have a reader or a scribe, or have extra time, it’s especially important to practise using these as much as you can, so that you have a fair chance in the exam.

When writing the answer, remember to consider the following points as a tick list: SAGE MICE ECCC Structure Arguments Genre Evaluative comments Motifs/symbols Introduction Conclusion Evidence from Larkin Evidence from Gatsby Comparative language Context of reception Context of production There are 4 assessment objectives for this question: AO1- terminology and written expression.

Make sure you analyse both literary and linguistic techniques AO2- analysis and evaluation.

Instead, people dress up in costumes and perform their daily routines in a monotonous cycle of buying and consuming, buying and consuming.

Introduction Example In their works, Fitzgerald and Larkin portray subtly different views of death, although their illustration of violence is startling similar.On the one hand, we see power as a form of control employed by those in positions of authority or status to manipulate those inferior to them.Fitzgerald’s novel, ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1925), clearly demonstrates the power within relationships is controlled by the man.AO3- context of production and reception AO4- comparison Introduction Example Despite writing in vastly different eras, both Larkin’s poetry collection ‘The Whitsun Weddings’ (1964) and Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ (1925) hold a strikingly similar portrayal of masculinity as a form of control; men are considered successful based on their possessions, including their wife and family.While Fitzgerald indicates that cramming men into this stereotype is detrimental- Gatsby dies as a result of the struggle between class- Larkin seems to have a more ambivalent relationship with masculinity.He never fought in the war due to his bad eyesight, and he never produced children, so he may be viewed as a subversion of the masculine stereotype, especially given his rejection of the philistine and sometimes vulgar nature associated with men in the 1950s and 60s.However, he also considers the concept of legacy; despite being very famous for his poetry, he considered himself not having a legacy as he had no children (the ultimate show of masculinity).His relationship with women is ambivalent; he pities their inferiority in society, but also conforms to many of the sexist beliefs that were typical of 1950s/60s Britain.His relationships with multiple women simultaneously only goes to show his misunderstanding of their nature.Fitzgerald may have used the novel as a way to criticise the fallacy of women’s suffrage in 1920- the women’s efforts have gained them very little, and Fitzgerald argues whether they actually have real autonomy.In contrast to Fitzgerald’s exposure of sexism, Larkin uses his poetry collection, ‘The Whitsun Weddings’ (1964), to convey sexist beliefs, although it is unclear as to whether these beliefs are a result of intentional misogyny, or due to his lack of understanding of women.


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