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If, for example, you have seven traits and five gradations, you'll have 35 descriptive statements in your rubric.Two readers read the GED essay, each giving a score between 1 and 4.The average of the two is the final score for the essay portion of the test. Remember that an essay off of the given topic receives no score.Attempt to strike a balance between over-generalizations and task-specificity.For the trait "coherence and organization" in a four-point rubric: Thesis is clearly stated and developed; specific examples are appropriate and clearly develop thesis; conclusion is clear; ideas flow together well; good transitions; succinct but not choppy; well-organized.Ratings represent the level of performance by the student in the concerned criteria.This Rating contains a name (like Satisfactory, Proficient, Basic) with points associated with each rating and basic description of the rating. Holistic scoring uses a single letter or a number—on the Praxis, it’s a number from 1 to 6—to provide an evaluation of an essay as a whole.A holistic score emphasizes the interrelation of different thinking and writing qualities in an essay (such as content, organization, and syntax) and tries to denote the unified effect that all of these elements combine to produce.This is just a tool to keep in mind how the SAT Essays are being graded. Please reference this on your practice essays or when you are thinking about topics for the upcoming test.I find this is useful in seeing the criteria for a high scoring essay and asking myself, “Did I use support?


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