Essay Shoppers With Goals

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Ask questions to find out what events might be planned in the family.

If there is a family event, ask what you can do to help make it special. Is there a community center nearby for people with similar interests or that offers classes or social events that you can either get to on your own or find transportation to get you there?

Future Goals: I need to improve/repair my relationship with at least one of my neighbors; take the lead on connecting with family members; find a way to meet new people. Consider how to approach a neighbor by writing a note, going to the neighbor’s house, or calling to invite someone for coffee, tea, or just a conversation.

Set a date that you will connect with your neighbor.

Inability to exercise enough is making me gain weight.

Future Goals: I would like to improve strength and stamina, improve rest/sleep; add ability to complete more household tasks; manage my nutritional needs to keep my weight down.Is there a friend from your past you have not talked to for a long time that you could call to reconnect your relationship?Get the contact information you have or new information if you need it and set a time for re-establishing contact.If you are not as mobile as you’d been in the past, or if you have an illness that can be treated with a change in diet, ask your doctor or find a nutritionist to discuss best foods to help you get the nutrients you need while keeping your weight and/or illness in check until you are able to exercise effectively.Of course physical abilities can change on an hourly, daily, or yearly basis.In this exercise, however, you will be conducting an informal inventory of your social status, including the network of people that are important to you as well as your connection to the community in which you live and wish to interact with.Today’s Social Status: Feeling isolated, not sure what I can do to overcome loneliness, unable to feel connected to others.SOCIAL INVENTORY A somewhat more complex and varied inventory is a social inventory.There are a number of specific social inventories that trained psychologists and mental health counselors conduct with their clients.Recognizing the physical abilities you have now as well as identifying those you think you can work on acquiring or improving is an evolving activity.The plan is to take a snapshot of your physical status on a frequent basis so you can review it to come up with an overview that is accurate.


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