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(If a quotation ends with both a single and a double quotation mark, the comma or period is placed within both: “Read ‘Kubla Khan,’” he told me.) All other punctuation goes outside quotation marks, except when it is part of the matter quoted. He did not even attack “taxation without representation”!He attacked “taxation without representation.” He attacked “taxation without representation” (p. but He declared that “taxation without representation is tyranny!In words of more than one syllable ending in a sibilant, only the apostrophe is added (Hopkins’ poems, Cervantes’ (Camus’s novels). Colons are used to indicate that what follows will be an example, explanation, or elaboration of what has just been said. If the context requires a comma (as it does here), the comma follows a closing parenthesis, but a comma never precedes an opening parenthesis. Carter’s sweep of the South—Virginia was the only Southern state to vote Republican—helped give him the election.

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Coleridge’s concludes: “A sadder and a wiser man, / He rose the morrow morn.” but “Poets,” according to Shelley, “are the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” 15 Capitalization a. In all English titles, not only of entire works (such as novels, lectures, or essays) but also of divisions of works (such as parts or chapters), capitalize the first letter of the first word, the last word, and all the principal words—including nouns and adjective in hyphenated compounds but excluding articles, prepositions (except when they function as adverbs), conjunctions, and the “to” in infinitives.

), the initial definite article is usually not treated as part of the title. Many Italian names of persons living before or during the Renaissance are alphabetized by the first name.

In many cases, it is best simply to paraphrase grammatically incorporating fragments of the original into the text.

Moralists have unanimously agreed, that unless virtue be nursed by liberty, it will never attain due strength—and what they say of man I extend to mankind, insisting that in all cases morals must be fixed on immutable principles; and, that the being cannot be termed rational or virtuous, who obeys any authority, but that of reason. Use “sic” (“thus,” “so”) sparingly—in square brackets and without quotation marks or an exclamation point—to assure readers that the quotation is accurate although the spelling or logic might lead them to doubt it. Quotations set off from the text require no quotation marks; internal punctuation should be reproduced exactly as in the original.

Numbers compared or contrasted should be in the same style (5 out of 125, 2½ to 3 years old or two-and-a-half to three years old). A hyphen is added if the century is being used as an adjective (eighteenth-century thought; nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature). If, however, the first sentence quoted is not the beginning of a paragraph in the source, do not indent it the additional [0.2 inches]. When omitting a word, phrase, sentence, or paragraph from a quoted passage, writers should be guided by two principles: (1) fairness to the author being quoted and (2) clarity and correct grammar in their own writing.

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In technical or statistical discussions involving their frequent use or in notes, where many space-saving devices are legitimate, all numbers may be written as numerals. Decades are also usually written out without capitalization (the seventies), but it is … In , Defoe maintains the pseudo-autobiographical narration typical of the picaresque tradition: My true name is so well known in the records or registers at Newgate, and in the records or registers at Newgate, and in the Old Bailey, and there are some things of such consequence still depending there, relating to my particular conduct, that it is not to be expected I should set my name or the account of my family to this work. If only a fragment of a sentence is quoted, it will be obvious that some of the original sentence has been left out: In his Inaugural Address, Kennedy spoke of a “new frontier.” But if, after material from the original has been omitted, the quotation appears to be a grammatical sentence or a series of grammatical sentences, the omission (or omissions) should be indicated by using [an] ellipsis ….

” When a quotation is formally introduced, it is preceded by a colon.

Quotations of verse are also usually preceded by a colon.

Use single quotation marks for definitions or translations that appear without intervening punctuation (e.g., ‘thus’). In Shakespeare’s , Antony begins his famous speech: “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; / I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.” Verse quotations of more than three lines should be separated from the text by triple-spacing, introduced in most cases by a colon, indented [0.5 inches] from the left margin (…), and typed with double-spacing (…) but without quotation marks unless they appear in the original.

For the use of quotation marks with titles, see §13; and, for use of single and double quotation marks in quoted material, see §14f. Semicolons are used to separate items in a series when some of the items require internal commas. The spatial arrangement of the of the original (including indentation and spacing within and between lines) should be reproduced as accurately as possible. Still spending, never spent; I meane Thy faire eyes, sweet that Jaques is given the speech that many think contains a glimpse of Shakespeare’s conception of drama: All the world’s a stage And all the men and woman merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. Prose quotations of not more than four lines in the typescript, unless special emphasis is required, should always be incorporated, within quotation marks, as part of the text.


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