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He wrote the legendary play, ‘Cato, a Tragedy’, which is believed to be the literary inspiration behind the American Revolution.He has also authored, ‘Account Of The Greatest English Poets’,‘The Campaign’, ‘Dialogue on Medals’ and the unsuccessful opera libretto ‘Rosamund’.Vy^ This couple were so famous for their love and con- ^ y^" stancy to one another, that the Indians to this day, ^'^«.

Joseph Addison was a distinguished 18th century English poet, author, playwright, politician and classical scholar.

He is recognised as one of the finest periodical essayists, who along with his friend, Richard Steele founded the daily journal, ‘The Spectator’.

She then brought two of her children to him, who died some years before, and re' i*'^ V- •..- ,^ rf 'W 180 ESSAYS OF JOSEPH ADDISION.

sided with her in t)ie sairife ddagli^u)i\J)ower ; advising him to breed up those others which were still with him in such a manner, that they might hereafter a U of ihem meet together in this happy place. I WAS lately entertaining myself with comparing Homer's balance, in which Jupiter is represented as weighing the fates of Hector and Achilles, with a passage of Yirgil, wherein that deity is introduced as weighing the fates of Turnus and ^neas.

he cou M-express it by nothing "but his tears, which ran like a river down his cheeks as he looked upon her.

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He had not stood in this posture long, before he plunged into the stream that lay before him ; and finding it to be nothing but the phantom of a river, stalked on the bottom of it till he arose on the other side.

With this thought he resolved to travel through this intricate wood ; when by degrees he felt a gale of perfumes breathing upon him, that grew stronger and sweeter in proportion as he advanced.

He had not proceeded much farther when he observed the thorns an^ briers to end, and give place to a thousand\ beautiful^green trees covered with blossoms of the ; finest scents and colors, that formed a wilderness of sweets, and were a kind of lining to those ragged scenes which he had before passed through.

He also helped establish the English literary congregation, ‘Kit-Cat Club’, which had powerful political connections.

Bird '21 Essays of Joseph Addison; 3 1924 013 167 428 The original of tiiis book is in tine Cornell University Library. DJ^37-a HONORARY FELLOW OF JESUS COLLEGE, OXFORD THE ROGER DE GOVERLEY CLUB LONDON AND NEW YORK EDITION DE LUXE This Edition of Addison's Essays is limited to One Thousand copies, printed for subscribers only jf^ JZl ' stooped down to take up an huge stone in his hand : ' \y" /but to his infinite surprise grasped nothing, and found the supposed stone to be only the apparition of one.


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