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We know that he was a bachelor; we also know that he apparently loved but was refused by his early beloved.

We get to know a great deal about his school life in the essay "Christ's Hospital Five and Thirty Years Ago". He says about himself in the guise of Coleridge, "I remember L.

Autobiographical elements in Charles Lamb’s essays Charles Lamb's attitude in his essays is autobiographical-for his essays convey such elements from where we get to know his personality, nature, character, relatives, work places and people around him. As he belongs to the romantic age, the personal “I” is prominent is his essays.

In almost all the essays, we find and we learn something about his life.

Here he says, " What oftenest offends of at the houses of married persons where I visit, is an error of quite a description:- it is that they are too loving".

He thinks that the married people generally show that they are "too loving" and they show these things to the unmarried people "so shamelessly".Thus he speaks about his life, likings, whims and feelings.Lamb talks to the reader as if he were his friend and confesses and confider in him.Some of his relatives and friends lived in London and who were, no doubt, very caring to him.They used to bring delicious foods for him in Christ's Hospital and used to look after him very cordially.But through all the essays shine the personality of a man who was alive to the absurdities of the world, sympathetic towards others' sufferings and tolerant towards shortcomings.As we know that Charles Lamb was a bachelor and worked at The South Sea House and India House, he had experiences some bitter and humorous experiences from there.We also come to know that "he was a home-seeking lad" and did not enjoy him much with other boys.Other essays tell his feelings, ideas, dreams and unfulfilled longings.Lamb's own personality is the basis for most of his essays. Actually autobiography is that kind of writing in which the writer's states, life and conditions are delineated.His personal experiences are revealed in autobiography.


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