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The life of Benjamin Franklin fits into the schema of the Horatio Alger Myth.The American ideal of upward mobility in Franklin’s autobiography was noted as early as 1783, when Benjamin Vaughan (1751-1835), a diplomat instrumental in the creation of the Treaty of Paris and a friend to Franklin, wrote to the author: “All that has happened to you, is connected with the detail of the manners and situation of a rising people.” Vaughan’s statement spoke not only to Franklin’s achievement as an individual but also to the milieu in which he wrote and his audience: people of a new nation searching for American identity and individual identities.Pictured here is an example of Franklin’s technique on notes printed in 1760.

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Nian-Sheng Huang Associate Professor of History, California State University Channel Islands Six New Letters for a Reformed Alphabet (PDF) Nicola Twilley Director of Public Programming, Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Benjamin Franklin and China - A Survey of Benjamin Franklin's Efforts at Drawing Positive Elements from Chinese Civilization during the Formative Age of the United States (PDF) Dave Wang Ph.

D Manager of Hollis Library, Adjunct Professor of St.

In his Autobiography, Franklin recounted his first day in Philadelphia: “I walk’d up [Market] Street, gazing about, till near the Market House I met a Boy with Bread.

I had many a Meal on Bread and inquiring where he got it, I went immediately to the Baker’s he directed me to in Second Street; and ask’d for Biscuit, intending such as we had in Boston, but they it seems were not made in Philadelphia.” Franklin’s first walk through the city took him west on Market Street to Fourth Street, then to Chestnut Street and Walnut Street, and “coming round found [himself] again at Market Street Wharf,” where his boat was docked.

The sculpture and the Franklin Institute’s Memorial Hall, designed by John Windrim (1866-1934), were designated as a national memorial by Congress on October 25, 1972.

The 20-feet-tall sculpture weighs 30 tons and sits upon a pedestal of white Seravezza marble weighing 92 tons.

Page Talbott Associate Director, and Chief Curator, Franklin was the youngest son and fifteenth child born to his working-class father and he only attended school for two years - but he made enough money to retire from active business by the age of 42. Jennifer Macdonald, assistant pastry chef at the Fountain Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, competed in "Ben's Birthday Bake-Off" to win the right to present Ben with his official birthday cake, a Spiced Penny Pound Cake from the Desk of B. This is her recipe, so you can bake a birthday cake for Ben at home!

Historical Society of Pennsylvania On the 1683 map pictured here, High Street, or Market Street, runs horizontally through the center square of the Philadelphia grid and is denoted in fine script handwriting.

Franklin used the almanac and his newspaper, The Pennsylvania Gazette, to achieve his goal of educating common people.

Historical Society of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania first began using paper currency in 1723, after two acts approved in 17 by the Pennsylvania governor, Sir William Keith (1669-1749).


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