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If some people fail to reach a complete answer because of the lure of some early success, many more fail because of their ego-driven commitment to what worked in the past.

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Fear of failure can be so strong that avoiding failure eclipses the motivation to succeed. At times, I forgot that who I was wasn’t what I did.

Together we’ll examine how you can use failure to your advantage instead of letting it run your life.

We’ll look at what a fear of failure is, where it comes from, and how to overcome it so that you can enjoy success in your work and life.

If constant hard work, diligence, brutal working schedules and harrying subordinates won’t ward off the possibility of failing, use every other possible means to to keep it away.

Falsify numbers, hide anything negative, conceal errors, avoid customer feedback, constantly shift the blame for errors onto anyone too weak to fight back.The problems with ethical standards in major US corporations has, I believe, more to do with fear of failure among long-term high achievers than any criminal intent.Many of those guys at Enron and Arthur Andersen were supreme high-fliers, basking in the flattery of the media.The constant covering up of the smallest blemishes.The wild finger-pointing as everyone tries to shift the blame for the inevitable cock-ups and messes onto someone else.They shy away from further innovation, afraid that this time they might fail, diminishing the luster they try to keep around their names from past triumph.Besides, they reason, the success of something new might even prove that those achievements they made in the past weren’t so great after all.Failure becomes the supreme nightmare: a frightful horror they must avoid at any cost.The simplest way to do this is never to take a risk, stick rigidly to what you know you can do, protect your butt, work the longest hours, double and triple check everything and be the most conscientious and conservative person in the universe.The rapid turnover as people rise high, then fall abruptly from grace.The lying, cheating, falsification of data, and hiding of problems—until they become crises that defy being hidden any longer.


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