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The ultimate goal could be a future career, graduate school, or just wanting to further their education.

The ultimate goal could be a future career, graduate school, or just wanting to further their education.Students do not simply go to college because their parents told them to go to college, or because it is the next thing to do after high school....

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[tags: Critical thinking, Thought, Student] - Being a Christian College Student There is a coexisting relationship between being a Christian and being a student.For a student, college is one avenue available for them to travel to attain this goal.If someone is a Christian student, they must realize that there is no separation of meaning between the two words. [tags: Education, Learning, University, Student] - A first-generation college student is someone whose folks didn’t attend or graduated from college.[tags: University, Education, College, Student] - Ministry people, if you’re a college student in the United States you might have heard of these two words.They are one of the most influential subculture on campus.People often think they don’t do anything besides hanging out with their fellow friends who follow the same ministry but that’s totally different.They are involved in many social activities such as helping international students on campus, making international students feel like home away from home, and many more....When I came to UNM for my undergraduate study, I was in search of a job for financial help.I searched many resources which could help me getting a job, but I was jobless for two months.[tags: Student, International student, University] - College students hear the same advice over and over, from getting involved in extracurricular activities to studying to time management.Most first year college students have a hard time coping with the change of moving to college and the stress that comes with it. To be a successful college student, the student needs to have a goal.


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