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It is often used in commercials — muscular mad guy for Old Spice is an ethos appeal because he is an example of a successful person who uses deodorant.

So, in the introduction to rhetorical analysis essay, I always write about the audience and purpose.

It will show the tutor that you understand what your piece is about.

It is also all facts and empirical evidence used in the text.

Logos is an only device of all scholars, so if you are lucky to analyze the academic article, it is the only tool you will need to use. Ethos is used when the author facilitates someone’s else credibility to convince people.

Three categories of rhetoric devices to accelerate the process: Tutors often call these categories modes of persuasion, rhetorical strategies or rhetoric appeals. Try to find at least two instances of each in your text for analysis.

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Logos are all devices where logic and reasoning are used to prove their point.

Pathos is all cases where authors try to support their argument with emotions and feeling — love, fear, hatred, greed, and jealousy, to name the most popular.

Old Spice commercials are founded on pathos: the main character mimics heavily, shouts and screams, tries to engage people with emotions.

Now you have everything you need to write an essay that assesses the purpose, audience and rhetorical appeals in any text and video.

That's why authors spend time fine-tuning their words and sentences. In addition, rhetoric goes back to the ancient Greek philosophers like Aristotle, the "father" of rhetoric.


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