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South Carolina governor Henry Mc Master formally issued a mandatory evacuation for approximately 830,000 residents of multiple coastal counties Sunday — but what does a "mandatory evacuation" really mean?

South Carolina governor Henry Mc Master formally issued a mandatory evacuation for approximately 830,000 residents of multiple coastal counties Sunday — but what does a "mandatory evacuation" really mean?

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Costs incurred by an evacuee for travel conducted without authorization away from the designated safe haven are the responsibility of the evacuee.

Funding for military and civilian personnel is the responsibility of the parent command.

Visit Florida Emergency Management for up to the minute information and specific evacuation locations in each zone.

Georgia: Bryan Camden Chatham Glynn Liberty Mc Intosh The designated safe haven for individuals in the mandatory evacuation areas is within 150 miles of Atlanta.

Civilian employees, and military and civilian employee dependents evacuating under this authority must be issued individual evacuation orders by their parent command.

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Reimbursement for lodging and per diem will be at the approved rate for the designated safe haven.We’ve temporarily removed comments from articles while we work on a new and better commenting experience.In the meantime, subscribers are encouraged to join the conversation at our Post and Courier Subscribers group on Facebook.When the parent command makes the determination, taking into consideration whether mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders are issued by civilian authorities, then the evacuation of non-essential civilian employees, and authorized military and civilian employee dependents residing in those counties is authorized.For active duty personnel, they can be issued temporary duty (TDY) or permanent change of station (PCS) orders, but are not considered in an evacuated status.It doesn't use the word "mandatory," but a state law does give the governor power to "direct and compel" an evacuation in anticipation of an emergency or natural disaster. Mc Master also pointed out during preparations for Florence last year that if storm surge infiltrates your home or leaves you in a dangerous situation, it was your decision not to leave.But that law doesn't outline any specific penalty for those who don't heed authorities' directions."It's called mandatory, but there's no enforcement," former S. In other words, you won't be thrown in jail or face a fine if you're sticking around during a mandatory evacuation. Still, the safest way to prepare yourself for the effects of a hurricane is to evacuate when it's called for."We urge you to evacuate, especially if you live in a low-lying area," Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg said during a press conference Monday."If someone stays in harm's way, they're basically putting our precious first responders at risk."This is the third time in four years that an evacuation has been ordered for the Charleston area. At the current time, Dorian is a strong category 4 hurricane with wind speeds at 155 mph.Mc Master also issued a mandatory evacuation last year as Hurricane Florence tracked toward the Southeast coast. It's slowly nearing the eastern coast of Florida, and is then expected to sharply turn northward toward Georgia and South Carolina.This section provides a curated collection of everything you need to know about impending storms during hurricane season, which runs from June through November.This website and newsletter will keep you up to date on what’s brewing in the Atlantic, what the experts are saying this season, some history from past storms and even provide special maps and data visualizations to help you make sense of it all..


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