Example Of An Appendix In A Research Paper

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This can include and reference section for students, summary of raw data or additional details on techniques behind the work.

Eventually, a reader gets all relevant details given with references.

A well-written appendix is easily accessible, valuable and engaging for its readers.

Numbering makes it easier for readers to locate all required information whenever needed.

But recent research has shown it does have a purpose, so perhaps it’s more like the appendices in an essay than we thought: not essential, but playing an important supporting role.

Consequently, you can focus on key information in your work and place extra data in an appendix without worrying about the word count.

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However, this can vary, so you should always check your style guide on this.

Not everyone knows how to use an appendix in academic writing, though, so we’ve prepared this handy guide.

An appendix (plural: appendices) is a section at the end of a book or essay containing additional information.

It can include different things depending upon the type of writing.

In majority cases, it includes the following information: Add all raw data that you have collected during research for your document.


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