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While attractiveness may result in long lasting relationships, physical beauty only brings short term pleasant feeling in the mind.Yet, beauty as outer appearances conquers many societies around the world.For a long time, two different trends of thoughts about beauty as physical appearance as well as personality have been formed.

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It’s time to write yet another essay, and you’re looking for help so you can write a good definition essay. Both you and your instructor may have very different definitions of the word.

That’s the inherent problem with defining terms that can be subjective.

That value is transmitted from one generation to the next by families, peers, and media in the process of enculturation.

Young children come to adapt ways of thinking and feeling about physical beauty from their families first.

Thus, there’s no reason to include a dictionary definition.

For both definition essay examples, my commentary is below each paragraph.According to “The Wound in the Face” by Angela Carter, images from women’s magazines give women the ideas of what beautiful faces and bodies are “supposed to be looking like.” To achieve beauty like models and celebrities, women usually waste tons of money in fixing themselves because they think their bodies are ugly and in need of a makeover. This burden is wearing heavy makeup masks to conceal their imperfect naked face, undergoing strict diets and painful plastic surgery.In some extreme cases, women even lose their own lives.One person may look at someone beautiful with “deep satisfaction in the mind” because that person admire how beautiful the other is.Someone, who is not striking beautiful looking, may attract other people just by how they express their personalities.Second person isn’t usually accepted in academic writing, so check with your instructor to see if you’re allowed to use second person in your definition essay.(Read: How to Read and Understand an Essay Assignment.)Here, the writer establishes the focus of the essay: how people define beauty both by outward appearances and by inner beauty.(Read: How to Make a Thesis Statement the Easy Way (Infographic).)Susan says: This sentence begins with first person (my).Third person is generally preferred in academic writing, so again, check with your instructor to see which point of view you should use in your essay.(Read: Why Third-Person Writing Is Critical to a Great Essay.) The meaning of beauty also came from several different places including: Old French biaute “beauty, seductiveness, beautiful person,” and Latin bellus “pretty, handsome, charming.” For the most part, beauty was originally associated with physical attractiveness.Another example is the impact of television in changing the idea of beauty in small areas.There was no television in Fiji, a South Pacific nation, before 1995.Notice that neither of these essays begins with the phrase, “According to Webster’s dictionary…” Yours probably shouldn’t start with this type of phrase, either.In most cases, you’ll be defining terms that your readers will already have a basic understanding of.


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