Finding Problems To Solve

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A lot of people come up with new ideas all the time.Unfortunately, most of these ideas never make it to market because the underlying problem has not been clearly thought out and communicated.

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What most of us don’t realize — and what supposedly Einstein might have been alluding to — is that the quality of the solutions we come up with will be in direct proportion to the quality of the description of the problem we’re trying to solve.

Not only will your solutions be more abundant and of higher quality, but they’ll be achieved much, much more easily.

As such, it makes sense to devote as much attention and dedication to problem definition as possible.

What usually happens is that as soon as we have a problem to work on we’re so eager to get to solutions that we neglect spending any time refining it.

As such, there are many strategies you can use to perfect it. When a Toyota executive asked employees to brainstorm “ways to increase their productivity”, all he got back were blank stares.

When he rephrased his request as “ways to make their jobs easier”, he could barely keep up with the amount of suggestions.

Here are 10 strategies you can use to see problems from many different perspectives and master what is the most important step in problem solving: clearly defining the problem in the first place!

The definition of the problem will be the focal point of all your problem-solving efforts.

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to be tackling a worthwhile problem.

The good news is that getting different perspectives and angles in order to clearly define a problem is a skill that can be learned and developed.


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