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I don’t have enough time in this podcast to go through the movie point by point.Suffice it to say the film includes a lot of facts but also a lot of opinion, anecdotes, unsubstantiated claims, misleading statements, and a few outright falsehoods.A third example happened at the Cookies and Crackers divisions, where an ‘early order’ program was implemented, meaning to send orders which weren’t even ordered.

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Just because someone has MD or Ph D after their name does not guarantee that everything that comes out of their mouth is reliable.

But my main criticism of the film is that obesity, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease simply cannot be pinned on any one food group or nutrient.

This is the latest in a growing number of documentary films focusing on how what we eat affects our health and environment, and how business, industry, and public policy affect what we eat.

argues that meat and dairy products are the primary cause of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

One expert even testifies that consuming sugar plays no role in the development of diabetes.

I’m sure that was very much appreciated by the corn and cane growers, not mention the American Beverage Association.Eating processed meat seven days a week as part of a diet that doesn’t include fresh fruits or vegetables, and also provides 50% more calories than you need, is certainly going to increase your risk of cancer and other diseases.Eating a hot dog at a ball game on a day that you also had a big salad for lunch and ran with the dog for a mile or two? Likewise, drinking a soda in the context of a nutritious and calorie-appropriate diet is unlikely to contribute to your risk of obesity or diabetes.The performance goals and growth rate, together with the corresponding bonuses were too hard to meet, according to the division managers.This is in line with the paper of Jordan and Messner (2012).This action also caused revenues to increase on a short term basis.All these examples show the managers of Fit Food inc.Filmmakers are also in the entertainment business, so they are going to make their story as sensational, shocking, heart-rending, controversial, and/or hair-raising as they possibly can.The three divisions are relatively autonomous and have their own sales and marketing department, production department, R&D department and a manager, who reports directly to the CEO of Fit Food Inc.In order to satisfy shareholders, divisions were expected to have a 5% growth rate of sales and profit every year.Next to this, the companies goals and strategy were described in the Annual Operating Plans (AOP).


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