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For Writing A Chemistry Lab Report-62
In the real world of the school laboratory you probably won't have time to re-do the experiment, so you will have to explain the impact of this loss on your results in the discussion section of your lab report.

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The experiment was about finding how the temperature of water changed as the ice melted, so the key words to include in the title are temperature, water and ice.

A suitable title for the lab report might be, "Effect of Melting Ice on Water Temperature", or, "Temperature of an Ice-Water System".

If the results of your experiment do not agree with published results, for example data in a textbook, then you can try to explain why in the discussion section of your lab report.

If you spilled some product of a reaction before you had a chance to weigh it, then, in an ideal world, you would have to discard this part of the experiment and start again.

The heading of each section will be the name of one of the components listed above.

The title of your lab report should be: You want people to read your lab report, so just like a movie title, you need a short, informative, interesting title.

There is more than one way to cite and reference sources.

You teacher will provide you with the details of how you are to cite and reference sources in your Lab Report.

In fact, the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a man because he didn't falsify his data so that it would agree with the scientific theory current at the time, instead, he spent years trying to convince other scientists that the theory was wrong because his data was good.

Scientists opposed the "correctness" of his data so much that he even lost his job.


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