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The contest is specifically designed to financially assist high school seniors in pursuing a higher education after graduation.

Essays are judged by a five person committee comprised of industry professionals, and are judged anonymously based on content.

Jericho, an organization that bridges the spiritual and intellectual, is currently hosting an essay contest with a large prize – £8000, or $10,000 USD.

The contest is open to writers around the world, 18 years or older.“At its centre, Jericho brings together: Learning.

The Nassau County Library Association is one of the largest active library groups in the United States.

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It is your link to nearly 1,000 association members with a shared interest in improving the status of libraries and of the library-related professions.

The contest is open to all seventh graders in Maricopa County, and it gives your students a chance to earn the field trip of a lifetime!

This year, we will be traveling April 5, 2019 – April 8, 2019 to Houston, TX to tour one of our nation’s “Heart of Freedom.

Our fellowship, is inbued with this spirit and intention.” This year, they’re offering a large cash prize – £8000 in four categories – for work on the theme of “epiphany.” The prompt is open ended, and can be written by an author “from any discipline.” The work has to be original, unpublished, and written in English. In addition to essays, the other categories are playwriting, visual art, and innovation.

Introduction: Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are so essential to our nation that the Framers included them in the First Amendment of the U. In recent years, with the rise of 24/7 cable news, social media, and smart phones, freedom of speech and freedom of the press have been, and continue to be, tested in new ways. In today’s society, what limitations, if any, should the government be allowed to place on speech and the press and why? FRIDAY, MARCH 8, 2019, AT THE TOLEDO BAR ASSOCIATION. SUPERIOR, TOLEDO, OH 43604; FAX: 419-242-3614; OR EMAIL (see Rule 5): [email protected]


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