Gcse Coursework Questions Romeo Juliet

Gcse Coursework Questions Romeo Juliet-84
However, there are also quotes that can show a flip side to Tybalt.A further analysis is needed to fully explore his character.As with Macbeth we have brought together Stella Vassilou and Catherine Hartley, both of whom received Masters in English Literature from Oxford and Cambridge University and are now teaching GCSE English Literature.

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This is made evident by the fact that he chooses not to engage in any violence the first two times with Mercutio because he is there to fight with Romeo for showing up at the party.

The only reason he fights Mercutio is because he is left with no choice.

Perhaps Shakespeare is trying to present the fact that unnecessary violence only leads to misery and bad faith.

Maybe, he is trying to show that many of the duels that people had during the time in which the play was written were useless.

For example, when he sees Romeo at the Capulet party, his first reaction is to get a weapon and confront Romeo in a violent manner; “Fetch me my rapier boy”.

His violence is starkly contrasted by the setting of the since in which Romeo has just seen Juliet for the first time and is in a state of extreme happiness, excitement and, joy. Tybalt’s violence is highlighted by the contrast to make him seem more evil and villainous.

It is only on the third challenge that Tybalt actually engages with Mercutio.

Shakespeare could be showing us this to try and represent the fact that Tybalt is not actually a physcopath who seeks unnecessary violence but, is instead someone who engages in violence for a strict purpose.

This move would have been seen as very dishonourable by the audience watching at the time and would have made him seem like a coward who will do anything to win a fight.

Honour was a big deal to many people during that time and therefore, not abiding by it makes Tybalt seem like a villain because it shows that he has no respect for the rules.


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