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Getting towards 1500 points is rare, yet still possible!What should be considered is that each school and college in the United States have specific requirements.

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Finally, there is so-called Math section that will range between 200 and 800 points.

Basically, each essay will be scored on Reading, Analysis, and Writing aspects.

Students must read a passage, form three cohesive arguments and prompts, and write clearly, all in 50 minutes.

When you complete an SAT essay, two graders from College Board will score it, and they will give your essay a score from 1-4.

First of all, one should remember about time limits, so our experts recommend coming up with preliminary preparation, knowing what to expect.

In most cases, unless specified otherwise, SAT essay length will vary between 650 and 750 words.SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, represents standard system that helps colleges see that a student is ready for academic tasks and can provide analysis and writing skills.SAT essay does not really differ from basic college assignment where main task means analyzing passage of text.An only major difference lies in given time for task completion, which usually limits students to 50 minutes.As one analyzes author's main arguments by processing presented information, it is crucial to deliver strong essay by using little writing tips and obligatory essay rules.Take short time for reading and provide analytical response.Reading through given passage, one should not provide your opinion or take sides.This is no easy task, and it is certainly going to take some practice.However, here is how we recommend you allocate those 50 minutes: We recommend reading the prompts first because it will give you an appropriate lens with which to read the passage.Choose writer based on credentials, read user reviews, chat privately discussing details, receive excellent essays! When the SAT was revamped in 2016, the SAT Essay underwent significant changes. Many colleges still require students to submit an SAT Essay score, however, so this change is not as major as those that occurred to the essay’s structure and purpose.


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