Grammar Homework Ks2

Grammar Homework Ks2-83
The paper copies were available for you on Friday 1st February.

You will have a year 5 /6 spelling list in you homework book that shows which spellings you need to work on from that list. I will be testing 10 of the year 5 / 6 words each week (at random).

There are some children who are continuing to work on the year 3 /4 words.

Many of you were given a paper copy of maths homework on Friday.

Don't forget to speak to us if you are stuck in any way at all.

Your research should focus on the geographical features of the country that you have chosen.

In maths this week we have been revisiting multiplying and dividing by 10/100/1000 but looking at decimal numbers and recording our answers up to 3 decimal places.Check the drop-down list for teachers' notes and worksheets.Gracie Grammar An animation of words to use as an alternative to 'said'.There have been a lot of illness in year 6 over this half term and we want you all well and ready to learn. For Topic this week, you will be writing some detailed paragraphs about the country of your choice.It will be really useful if you could research at home - choose two or three aspects of your country: Animals, fashion, architecture, history, etc.Lastly - remember to start your sentences in different ways.can include them in our narrative writing next week.If they are slowing you down please use times tables rock stars to help you practice in a fun way.If you would like further help in remembering or pattern spotting to help calculate the times tables quickly please see myself or Mr Jackson. For your homework this week, I would like you to write a paragraph based on the picture below.You will be choosing one country of your own choice and will be spending a few weeks researching that particular country.You should try to do some research at home, using books and the Internet, ready to design a 'Fact File' in class.


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