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Denise Clark Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, found that too much homework has negative effects on student well-being and behavioral engagement. Denise Clark Pope, senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, co-authored this new study, published in the Journal of Experimental Education.

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There is no way Paly and Gunn are going to bring it to this level, although would be fantastic.Our younger child doesn't want the load our older one took, so she is taking less demanding courses. This is a Parent Education issue as much as a school issue.My son has been in two different high-pressure school districts.I didn't see any of their peers too stressed out and they all graduated and are in good colleges and doing fine.I think the problem is more with the adults involved, rather than the students.Pope and her colleagues reported that spending too much time on homework meant students were "not meeting their developmental needs or cultivating other critical life skills," failing to pursue hobbies they enjoy, dropping activities and not keeping up with family and friends."Our findings on the effects of homework challenge the traditional assumption that homework is inherently good," Pope wrote.My son had, until the end of the first grade year, been a skinny child.By fourth grade, he was bordering on obese and had over three hours of homework per night, including Christmas vacation ( Christmas Day in second grade, spent at his grandparents' home, was ruined by the fact that he spent most of the day working on reports for school).which led to several family talks with his counselor.She got him into two study hall classes per day, which enabled him to finish a lot of the homework and have help to do it.


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