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In some cases, teachers provide junior thesis topics to their students.A senior thesis will likely be the largest academic undertaking a student does in his/her undergraduate experience.Many universities realize this, and require that students enroll in courses designed specifically for assistance with the composition process.A senior thesis is a lengthy, usually investigation-based text completed in the final year or semester of an undergraduate's study.Senior theses are typically completed in the area of a student's major and are intended to demonstrate the student's expertise in his/her field of study.Other times, students choose a topic on which they have already worked or written, and use the thesis to expand that previous work into something of greater depth and originality.Regardless of how the topic is chosen, it's important for the student to select a topic that intrigues her, as the composition process is long and requires considerable devotion.In this way, a senior thesis can be understood as the undergraduate equivalent of a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation—it it intended to be a large undertaking that proves a student's mastery in his/her chosen field.Some undergraduates are confused when they first hear the term "senior thesis," because they have probably only used the word "thesis" to describe a thesis statement—a sentence or group of sentences that encapsulate the essential point of a text.One of these will be the thesis advisor—the primary source of guidance for the student. The committee is designed to assist a student in all aspects of the composition process; therefore, the student should openly and regularly communicate with the committee in order to receive valuable feedback and guidance throughout the duration of the thesis project.Senior theses require a significant amount of data collection.


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