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Although CSR does not lead to profit maximisation, most profit-oriented enterprises still invest heavily in infrastructure and networks.

This project attempts to identify the real purpose of CSR and its role in organisational sustainability relying on primary quantitative data collected from 100 managers of large multinational corporations.

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You can rest assured that these portals and services are legit and trustworthy. Many countries owe almost their entire GDP to steady streams of visitors for business and pleasure who spend the money that spawns other dependent industries.

This topic allows you to investigate in your paper how the level of hospitality relates to the development of particular country.

Do research and explore how tsunamis affected the popularity of tourism in Thailand. Investigate in your work what you need to organize a decent educational tourism program. This topic allows you to explore in your dissertation how the development of the Internet helped advertise ecotourism sites and attract more people to visit them.Are there any countries that weren’t influenced by globalization?Such cities like Amsterdam have rather one-sided reputation among tourists.Our writers have created various dissertation topic examples to help inspire students and get them started on the most important piece of work of their academic career.If that isn’t enough, we have a dissertation writing service that will provide you with support from industry experts and help you to achieve the best possible grade.Recent studies indicate that diversity strongly correlates with organisational performance (Ntongho, 204).However, managing diversity in the workplace is a challenging task and organisational culture is considered as an effective tool that helps companies take advantage of diversity.On the basis of the produced empirical findings, relevant recommendations on how to add to organisational sustainability through CSR are formulated.During the recent globalisation era, the issue of workforce diversity has become of strategic importance to firms that operate on an international level.Look at each topic closely and see if you can spot something in any one oft them that inspires you.If you have access to the right sources of information, feel free to try and get your dissertation started.


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