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But even if they never apply for citizenship, permanent residents are participants in the economy and their local communities, and often have spouses and children who are U. If permanent residents were to be given a role in the political process and the judicial system, should they be required to meet the same conditions imposed on naturalized citizens, such as proficiency in English?

Complicating the picture further is the fact that many U. citizens — native-born and naturalized — hold citizenship in another country, and sometimes vote in foreign elections and even serve in foreign armies.

Although the State Department discourages dual nationality, the Supreme Court has ruled that a U. citizen must affirmatively intend to renounce his citizenship before it can be taken away.

In an increasingly globalized world, dual citizenship is, for some, an attractive option.

Don’t you think that such a status requires from a person to follow some rules? If he/she wants to be a useful member of a city, he/she has to perform a role of a citizen well as much as the best essay writing service does its job. In the Bible it is said that people have to pray for rulers. A person must be interested in what is going on in his country.

If he does not agree with the acts of a ruler or if a ruler is very cruel or unfaithful, he has to pray for him. Call them and find someone who will trim your lawn.

Should foreign temporary workers in agriculture and other industries receive special consideration for permanent residence and ultimately citizenship? The campaign to abolish birthright citizenship has been led by opponents of illegal immigration who claim that it induces women to come to this country to give birth to “anchor babies.” That’s largely a canard, but the idea that place of birth guarantees citizenship is not universally accepted, even among modern nations. In California, campaigns for English-only education or public services often have been veiled efforts to marginalize immigrants. citizens who hold citizenship in another country in some cases are able to participate in the political life of that country and to serve in its armed forces. Is there a positive notion of “corporate citizenship” to which profit-making businesses should subscribe? Although some states, including California, allow citizens to enact laws directly through initiatives and referendums, in general American democracy is of the representative or indirect variety.

But there are serious, nonpunitive arguments for the unifying effects of a common language. Does this create an undesirable dual loyalty and undermine the bond between citizens and the United States? But some critics suggest that the requirements should be strengthened to ensure that new citizens are better prepared to participate in the democratic process, and that it’s legitimate to impose higher standards of political knowledge on would-be citizens than are required of native-born citizens. Advances in technology make it possible for a dramatic increase not only in the expression of political opinions but also, potentially, in public access to the ballot box.

The advent of the Internet has altered the way citizens express their opinions to, and about, their elected representatives and potentially could transform voting as well.

Supreme Court decisions recognizing a right of corporations to engage in political speech have been so controversial that some would overturn them by amending the Constitution.


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