How Do You Problem Solve

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Imagine that you are a five-year-old kid and try to warm up your problem-solving imagination with countless questions: ‘what if’, ‘why not’, ‘can we’, ‘how about’, etc. The motto of this technique is ‘Look at things from a different perspective’.

Many problems arise and remain unsolved because we are too lazy to zoom out from the content of the issue and explore the overall context of the situation. One of the most effective ways to find the best solution is to generate as many ideas as you can.

Before you know it, your whole workday has been consumed by unproductive web surfing, tweets and...

Last week our Chanty team has visited Growth Marketing Stage conference where we’ve interviewed Josh Fechter – co-founder at BAMF media.

Here’s the list of ‘hats’ that may help you become a problem-solving ninja: This problem-solving method helps shift perspectives quickly—without sticking to the only one perspective. Become a wanderer and just walk away from the problem, at least temporarily. He was one the most famous inventors with almost 3300 patents to his name.

The 5 Why’s Technique is an easy-to-use method for uncovering the root of an issue. If you wear a digital wristwatch, like to karaoke with friends or know what a floppy disk is (gosh, how old I am! What’s more, he was an author of one of the craziest problem-solving technique–the Calm Room.

The most energetic folks prevent others from talking entirely?

Test out the Round-Robin technique built around the concept that every participant is involved in the brainstorm session actively.


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