How To Write A Department Business Plan

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You’ve likely heard of famous strategic models such as OKRs.

But beyond the well-known ones, there’s also a myriad of other models ranging from extremely simple, to bewilderingly complicated.

That holds true for small organizations right through to multinationals trying to figure out how to write a strategic plan.

To give you an idea of how a strategic plan following the Cascade Model will look once finished, we've created a simple diagram below.

This first article will focus on giving you a solid strategy model for your plan.

Think of it as the foundation for your awesome new strategy.Do not start your strategic plan without defining your Vision Statement!Lots of articles have been written about the value of a good Vision Statement - but we'll summarize as follows: One of the biggest blockers to the successful execution of a strategic plan is when it tries to achieve too much in one go.Outcomes matter, but if the way in which you go about achieving them is wrong, the outcomes themselves risk becoming irrelevant.Not only that - but organizations are ultimately nothing more than the sum of the people within them.But for the same reason that you're reading this guide right now - giving them a framework within which to do so, will be hugely helpful.Well-written Focus Areas can themselves be inspiring and motivational.When you're ready to start creating some company values check out our guide 'How To Create Company Values'.Your focus areas are the high level things that you’ll be focusing your efforts towards as you strive towards your vision.Subsequent parts of the series will show you how to actually create the content for your strategic plan.You can download our free 'How To Write a Strategic Plan' e Book which contains all of the articles from the series...


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