Human Rights Essay Competition 2013

This has not been the case in Cameroon especially with community radio practitioners who cannot gain complete access to training and empowerment of human rights related issues.The situation is made worse by an already information-poor rural community whose high rate of illiteracy prevents them from reading newspapers, which are sometimes unavailable or too expensive for the people to buy Yet, human rights awareness has in the last couple of years become a critical issue in rural communities in the North West and South West Cameroonian regions with media reports attesting to the fact that more and more people living in rural areas are trapped in court proceedings for human rights related crimes like domestic violence, gender-based violence, land theft, human trafficking, sexual harassment, arson, female genital mutilation, breast ironing etc.The victims often complain of ignorance of the law whereas no one is supposed not to know the law.

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Deadline: December 1st Notification: December 10th, Human Rights Day All essays will be considered for the YHRI website.

Unfortunately, due to the large volume of submissions only a selection of essays, or excerpts from those received, will be placed on our international website!

The students’ performances during the competition are assessed by experts in the field of international criminal law, including academics, judges and other practitioners from the ICC, ICTY, ICTR, ECCC and SCSL.

The Human Rights Essay Contest is an opportunity for participants to present their own opinions and thoughts on possible solutions to a human rights issue (related to their representing State) in essay form.

The writing competition, organized by the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at American University Washington College of Law and the American Society of International Law's Lieber Society, is a new competition for law students (J. The two winning authors will be invited to present their papers at an expert conferece at American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC, with travel and accomodation expenses covered and wll have their submissions published.

The International Criminal Court, as the first permanent institution set up to try alleged perpetrators of the most horrific crimes against humanity, has drawn much interest amongst lawyers and non-lawyers alike.However, in the state of Texas over 234,000 individuals have been victims of labor trafficking, and over 79,000 youth have been victims of sex trafficking of minors.This crime occurs right in our backyard; therefore, raising awareness of this hideous crime is essential, if the fight to end trafficking and other such human/civil rights violations is to occur.The ealuation of this essay will serve as a basis for selecting team to participate in the competition itself.It should be of maximum 10 minutes and should be prepared in advance.The five facilitators were renowned radio broadcasters and legal luminaries with a strong bias towards the defence and promotion of human rights and gender balance, drawn from relevant agencies in Cameroon.As a product of the workshop, this Guide serves as a reminder of what human rights is and how good radio programmes could be conceived, produced and broadcast in a way as to effectively sensitize the grassroots on the issue.If the time limit for the speech is exceeded, the team will be given a point deduction.The main evaluation criteria for the welcoming speech are: an original approach (creativity) and involvement of the team members (teamwork). The students are requiered to submit a short essay (maximum of 25 pages) on an IHL related issue.The ICC Trial Competition is a unique Moot Court competition in its direct focus on ICC proceedings and international criminal law.During the competition students compete in the role of the Prosecutor, Defence and alternatively, Victims Representatives or States.


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