Italian Ice Business Plan

If you have a great location and you are more than willing to work then owning an Italian Ice Cart can pay off big time!

You will make more cash the first day of selling Italian Ice than you will at your current job. Because of all this, I decided that owning my own Italian Ice Cart Business and being my own boss was exactly what I wanted in life.

Is your ability to earn income resting in the hands of someone else? I felt like I was playing the lottery with my life and hoping I still had a job the next morning. It can literally transform your personal finances and give you a whole new lifestyle.

In just a short time you can increase your income and finally begin to enjoy life.

After all, I was working in the hot sun 8 hours a day. One sizzling hot afternoon, I felt like my body was drying up in the heat. Something that could replenish my body and get me going again.

I was very miserable, and I'll be honest, most of that misery came from the fact that I was working all day just so that my boss could go on a paradise vacation every month. On the way back from my lunch break, I stopped by a local Italian Ice Cart for a quick cool snack.Like lightning, word started spreading about my Italian Ice Cart and before I knew it, the stand become very popular.In fact, it become so popular that they asked us to move our cart farther down the field. Our line of customers was creating a traffic jam at the entrance of the field!Add on the fact that the construction business was going down the drain with the economy, and things really were not looking good for me. While downing the icey, I spoke with the owner about his cart business and found out that Disclaimer: These are not typical consumer results. You may earn more or less depending on several factors. As soon as I got home, I started researching about italian ice carts.I was tired of waking up in the morning wondering if I would still have a job. A push cart business like this can do a complete 360 to your life.The independent vendor channel increases your market presence, and it is as if you were hiring an army of sales people, but without the overhead.Plus, the independent vendors make money and their success leads to growth and to new sales.Plus, an Italian Ice Cart business is extremely fast and easy to get started with.To really put the business in perspective, most days you can profit from 0 to 0, or more, and that is working only during lunch hours in the afternoon.With this business, its all about how much work you want to put into it.I can hardly think of another job that will allow you to make your own hours, let alone your own entire schedule. One very successful Italian Ice Stand I know serves their product in the middle of the night in busy downtown. There are millions of ways to make your Italian Ice Cart unique and different so that you stand out from other cart owners.


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