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At Ivey, we work hard to ensure that applications are reviewed and processed with care, due diligence, and efficiency.

Here, you’ll find all the information you need to begin the application process.

Candidates should research the application criteria for the employers-of-preference before deciding which exam to write.

With an alumni base of over 25,000 in 103 countries, where 1 in 2 Ivey alumni hold senior management positions (CEO, CFO, Director, etc.) in his or her organization, Ivey has more recruiters in its alumni network than other schools.

After that, the ideas are tested with the learning team. The Ivey classroom - the final stage opens with a debate, and the conclusion might even surprise the class.

There are no right or wrong answers when you discuss over 300 cases with multiple levels of complexity. Operations (8%) (83,750)Related: Ivey MBA Recruitment report Once we receive all the application components, the review starts.Ivey consistently has the highest placement rate of any MBA program in Canada at 90% .Through Ivey’s rigorous application process, we identify candidates who have the background and ability to excel in an intense program and achieve their career goals.We believe that Case-Method Learning is, in fact, the best way to stay relevant in an ever-changing business landscape.This form of learning is always drawing on real-world situations and asking the students to think in real-world terms – it’s action-based.For more information, Our alumni are always happy to share their Ivey experience.They regularly attend our MBA events around the world, and the best way to connect with them is to attend an Information Session or one of our Experience Events (First Class on the Road, Women in Management, MBA Fair etc.).95% of Ivey MBA graduates switched careers in at least one criteria - function, industry or location. The admission committee is a mix of diverse professionals from the admission team to career management, working together to find the best candidates. The Process Application Received: Week 1Interview Call: Week 3The interviews are mandatory and by invitation only When you are answering the essay, go back and ask yourself whether the question has been addressed. An independent set of eyes will catch the grammar and spelling errors.The Career Management team prepares candidates with processes and interviewing techniques that help them set realistic expectations and work towards achieving them. Technology (12%) (,500)Post-MBA Function (%) (Median Base Salary)1. The essays are rated for the applicant's concise thinking, writing, and expressiveness. Related: F1GMAT's Essay Editing Service ( Catch Typos, Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes)Limiting the essay to the recommended word count is important although don't conclude too soon before the allotted space is used. The one that causes many potential candidates to self-select out of the process is probably the misconception that we only have students from business or engineering backgrounds in the program. Clarke - the Executive Director, Recruitment of Admissions (Masters Programs) to learn about the biggest Misconception about Ivey MBA and the admission process for getting into the one-year MBA program.


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