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There are many different approaches/perspectives in psychology.The two that will be analysed in this essay are behaviourism and psychodynamics.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.

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HNN120 Assessment Task Two Jigsaw Piece Ashe Collins Student ID : 600215759 Word Count:1409 1 The importance of safe and quality health care in today’s society must take into consideration the patients’ perceptions and requirements.

Showing your clients dignity is absolutely necessary to gain their trust and give them comfort.

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A deterministic theory believes that our lives are already mapped out and we are simply taking a road we were put upon.

This is to say that the outcome of our lives has already been decided and we simply have to choose which path to take.

Behaviourism is: an approach to psychology that accounts for behaviour in terms of observable events without reference to mental concepts such as ‘mind’ or ‘emotion’.

(Cardwell 1996) Psychodynamics (dynamic psychology) is the dynamic interplay of psychological process and phenomena arising from instincts that facilitate, inhibit and combine with one another, or produce compromise formations.


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