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The tendency to include only right-handed people in neuroimaging research stems from the finding that certain processes are represented differently in the brains of adextrals.In particular, while the left hemisphere of the brain dominates language processing in almost all right-handed people, in about 30% of adextrals this processing occurs predominantly in the right hemisphere (or both hemispheres).While most people identify themselves as left- or right-handers depending on which hand they use when holding a pen during writing, this information might be misleading.

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Once you are finished with the Z, the other person stops the time and writes it down.

Then do the same thing again, but with your left hand.

Thus, drawing two lines simultaneously with both hands results in a longer and straighter line to be drawn by the left hand.

The reason is that moving the nondominant right hand in a left handed person requires the command signals to travers the corpus callosum (the bridge between the two hemispheres) before reaching the left hemisphere for moving the right hand.

But Lyam Bailey and colleagues at Dalhousie University noticed that researchers were excluding adextrals from a range of studies unrelated to language or movement, even though there is little evidence that handedness influences other processes.

So in their new paper, published in the , the team investigated whether there is evidence for this bias in the literature.

The researchers looked at 1,008 articles published in three major neuroimaging journals across the course of 2017, noting whether each study reported participants’ handedness — and if so, how many adextral participants were included.

The team found that a little over half of the studies reported participants’ handedness.

Put the pen on the paper and ask a friend or family member to handle the stopwatch app.

Once they give you the signal to start, write down the alphabet from A to Z as one word as quickly as possible.


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