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The realist hegemonic perspective expects today’s power transition to lead to growing struggles between the West and the “rest” over global rules and institutions.In contrast, this essay argues that although America’s hegemonic position may be declining, the liberal international characteristics of order—openness, rules, and multilateralism—are deeply rooted and likely to persist.

The realist hegemonic perspective expects today’s power transition to lead to growing struggles between the West and the “rest” over global rules and institutions.

Proponents can point to examples of successful cooperation, such as the growing international consensus on human rights.

Critics also correctly assert that there are no formal enforcement mechanisms that can compel states to follow international law because of state sovereignty.

Abstract: The crisis of the American-led international order would seem to open up new opportunities for rising states—led by China, India, and other non-Western developing countries—to reshape the global order.

As their capacities and influence grow, will these states rise up and integrate into the existing order or will they seek to overturn and reorganize it?

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This has been the world of international relations throughout much of history, and part of the study of international relations is figuring out how to bring order to this anarchy.

Liberal internationalism offers an optimistic solution. Liberal internationalism is a set of related concepts on how to best organize international relations between states and non-state actors that emphasizes a belief in international progress, interdependence, cooperation, diplomacy, multilateralism, and support for international political structures and organizations.

In this International Institutions and Global Governance Working Paper, Daniel Deudney and G.

John Ikenberry trace the history of liberal internationalism and find that the existing U. foreign policy architecture is ill-equipped to address emerging challenges in a dramatically changing global landscape.


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