Liquid Plumber Essay

Frank Lloyd Wright, who said he arrived in architecture at the same time as modern plumbing, was extremely proud to have invented the idea of toilet bowls suspended off the wall for ease of cleaning, along with the partitions between them, in the Larkin Company administration building (Buffalo, New York, 1906).

Le Corbusier’s first demand in his short (1923) — was for a bathroom with a wall all of windows that would take the place of the drawing room, the traditional room for meeting visitors, with the toilet immediately adjacent.

Sanitary fittings were to be proudly exhibited not hidden.

Loos was a great influence on him, and in 1924 he placed a bidet in the pages of his journal heading the article "Other Icons, the Museums," where he wrote, “The true museum is the one that contains everything.” The bidet is seen by the architect as an everyday object that one day will be in a museum and will speak about the culture of the 20th century.

The bidet was also a major polemical device in Le Corbusier’s domestic architecture.

Newspaper articles attacked him for an arrangement which, they claimed, would only make sense in a brothel.

The press was also scandalized by the half-height wall screening the bathroom from the bedroom. 19, 1927), a Swiss critic wrote: “Are we, in the future, to disregard the smell and the noise for the sake of an interesting spatial creation …

Nor is there a Critical Regionalist or Parametric toilet.

Robert Venturi and Denise Scott-Brown didn’t offer a complex and contradictory toilet experience.

The toilet is the most psychosexually charged room in any building.

But to speak of it as a room is already to speak too quickly. More precisely, it is a pipe that has been shaped into a piece of furniture so it can be occupied.


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