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This article was co-authored by Diya Chaudhuri, Ph D.Diya Chaudhuri holds a Ph D in Creative Writing from Georgia State University. Use passages and characters from the novel to illustrate how Morrison incorporates the principles and ideals of feminism. Do any characters change drastically from the beginning of the novel to its end? Describe their transformations, citing examples from the text to support your answer. Discuss a decision that a character makes with which you either agree or disagree, and give your reasons. Choose a character that you would like to interview if it were possible. Discuss how Nel's grief at the end of the story is, in reality, more for herself than for the death of Sula. Explain the significance of symbols and omens to the development of the novel's plot. Discuss Morrison's use of inverted world order in the novel. Illustrate how the motif of fire and water is threaded throughout the novel. Typical of Morrison's talent is her ability to weave a magical and musical web of language around an incident of horror.

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Answering essay questions on literature exams can be daunting, especially with timed exams.

With a little bit of preparation, you can ensure a good grade on your exam.

Theme, plot, setting, characters, style; fair divisions for any essay.

Needless to say, narrowing down your paper's focus to a topic that can be thoroughly covered within the length of an essay can be the first (possibly the most) daunting task.

Below you will find a selection of topics for English literature courses appropriate for the essay-length paper (and, yes, we have even included one on William Shakespeare).

Different genres began to emerge, especially varieties of comedy, such as romantic, domestic, city, and classical intrigue comedy. Many of Shakespeare's plays were chronicle history plays, such as . This period of time was known as the "Heroic Age" of the novel, and major contributors included, Joseph Conrad, James Joyce, D. The emergence of documentary type novelists also became more prominent. I had only 9 hours to submit paper and no time to finish it.

Select these or other plays within the same genre and compare/contrast their themes, plots, characters, or some other element of style. Clear and precise images and deeper emotions in poetry were characteristic of the poetry of the Imagist Movement. Seemingly casual incidents of life that served to show deeper meaning were featured in short stories by authors like Joyce, Katherine Mansfield, Lawrence, Forster, Doris Lessing, and Susan Hill. Some personal problems, you know=) So I have decided to use your service.

The Victorian was known as the "Age of Expansion," and a great deal of change took place during this time, including social and economic wealth, as well as problems, as a result of industrialization.

You may discuss some of the writers who had a positive reaction, such as the works of Thomas Babington Macaulay.


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